Basic math in the pizza place and why you should buy £1,00 pizzas.

Our local pizza joint (Indian pizza!) has a continuous special. 7″ for £1, 9″ for £3, 12″ for £4,50, and a 15″ for £6.
Being cheap,  I decided to find out what the best deal is.  Some basic math and a spreadsheet:

Size in inch (diameter)Surface of pizzaPrice in £Sq inches per £

Some conclusions:

  • Feel like a £3,00 pizza? Buy two £1,00 pizzas. You will get over 30 sq inch of pizza compared to just over 25 sq inch for £3,00 (And you can choose two different pizzas)
  • Actually, ALWAYS buy £1,00 pizzas. Even if you plan on buying the £6,00 pizza.