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Headlines in news this morning:Three coffees a day cuts the risk of heart disease and strokes. Science-y article on the benefits of coffee, even with a link to an article in a medical journal.  All major newspapers and broadcasters must have gotten the same press release because it was everywhere: The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Telegraph. On a side note: Most articles illustrate this with a photo of a frothy latte, which is supposed to add 10 lbs on your waist. And belly fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, and sleep apnea.

On a side note: Two cups of coffee can harm fertility, which could be compensated by eating carrots.

Why do I have to do all this research myself? Why doesn’t a journalist do this? Are facts too boring? Too much work? Or is it that sensation sells? Are there too many pages in the newspaper to fill with facts? I don’t know, But I do know that I just don’t read free newspapers, too much cutting and pasting (and ‘celebreties’. You get what you pay for.

We need to take care when generalising these results because it is based on the South Korean population, who have different diet and lifestyle habits to people in the UK. –British Heart Foundation

By the way: The Guardian did some research, provided an article with a link to the BHF which put everything in perspective.  Don’t bother clicking the link in their page though, it leads to an article in a medical journal on the dangers of Paracetamol.