My #Mac lost its #innocence, I decided to install “protection”.

Remember the good-old-days?  Running around declaring with a whiff of arrogance that “my Mac does not need anti virus, there are no viruses for Mac”.

Over. Gone.

Thank you Wirelurker. A lovely little piece of software that infected 467 programs in the Maiyadi App Store (some Chinese app store, I’ve never heard of them…) and spread itself to the first 356.104 users there. Wirelurker spreads on OS X and on iOS devices and shares the love as soon as you plug in your iPhone. What it does? Only the creators know, it hasn’t been activated yet. For all I know, it may turn into ransom-ware where the infected software encrypts all your data. The key to decrypt can then be obtained by handing over a ransom to some dodgy bank account far away.

I’m glad I am not using iPhone and have to travel with USB cables to keep my phone in check. I use Android and one does not ‘plug in’ an Android to ‘synchonize’. Jeezz! Is it the ’90ies? Yesterday I upgraded my good old Nexus 4 to a Nexus 5 and everything (contacts, calendar, apps, photo’s, music, books, magazines) just appeared on mu new phone. Android needs no USB, Android uses magic.

Oh, I’ve installed Avira on my Mac to keep Wirelurker and its friends out.